November 9, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen today is a Good Day, I found some Good News at of all places – Microsoft News. Which is funny in a perverse way due to The FACT Bill Gates, his wife, Melinda, and other former and current big wigs are money grubbing bilderberg whores/hos just like Barack race baiter, skull & bones boy/toy Obama, cfr rat Bill two socks, bones toy Clinton, Condoleezza cfr, trilateral wolf Rice, Hillary rotten to her core Clinton and long time cfr rat, John bones dung Kerry, who may be a damn trilateral wolf as well. I haven’t tracked that certified bastard’s Trail of Tears – his life in years.

AMERICA, Can’t YOU THE PEOPLE See that You have under bastard & bitch rule for Long Enough!!!! And yes indeed the same already named packs along with London’s chatham house, which is a pack of hyena fecal, are filled to the brim with other black-hearted/dark-hearted like-minded bastards & bitches who rule the world, planet Earth.

I want The First Americans, The RED NATIONS to know – when I first leaped aboard My War Horse in November of 1998, and soon after staked My Dog Rope deep into The White House lawn, I typed: This Is WAR!!!!

In the spirit I Roared My Challenge Up Close and Personal with two socks Clinton. But I couldn’t get a murdering snot nosed coward to come out and fight. Red Nations, he’s damn sure no Apache. More Truth: I never heard so much as a peep out of Bill or Hillary, however I Promise Every American – I had everybody in the district of corruption, DC’s attention. More about that later.

Most won’t understand that paragraph due to Americans have no sense of history. The reason being the American historical association. Readers the writers and approvers of the all things history pack, the aha, was founded by bones scum/dung Andrew D. certified bastard White. From the aha’s website on 8/30/21: “Andrew Dickson White, a historian and president of Cornell University, was selected as the AHA’s first president.”

Next is an aha paragraph: “In 1889, the association was incorporated in the District of Columbia by an act of Congress: “for the promotion of historical studies, the collection and preservation of historical manuscripts and for kindred purposes in the interest of American history and of history in America.” The act provided that the association should have its offices in Washington, DC, and that it should make reports regarding historical matters to the secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, who should then transmit to Congress such reports as he or she saw fit.”

Americans and Everyone Else, please put that into Your Peace Pipes and Smoke On It Awhile, as all the players are crooked as can be – lying, deceiving bastards & bitches – to their very cores.

While I type/Fight/write for The First Americans – I will promise everyone this, your favorite story, whatever it might be, whether book or letter, was written for One Reader and her name is Miss Barbara Brooke Dickie. Brooke in the fullness of time most will have a better understanding of What Love Is.

Those who have watched 5 to 7, a movie about What Love Is, have seen for themselves Brooke’s Beautiful Face, Body Type and Every Bit a Woman’s Figure. Graduates of Albemarle County High School, (Home of The Patriots) in 1975 know for themselves I’ve typed another of Life’s Simple Truths. Back in the spring of 1973, Brooke gave her heart to me, not her pearl of great price, her virginity and became My Woman. So please take to heart, My Woman will always come first!!!

I owe Brooke and She Is The Reason I’ve saddled up for this my fourth and final ride. Now please understand Little Bobby Motch can Cowboy as well as he can Indian. I was born to People of The Horse and both my Parents were placed in the Virginia Horse show Association’s Hall of Fame. My Dad, Mr. Donald Robertson MacBain Motch took the journey/passed on January 18, 1964. My Mom, Mrs. Sallie Marie Busch Motch passed on September 21, 2001. Miss Sallie’s last words: “I can see my Angel.”

In 1998 and 1999, I went to War for my Precious Mother. On October 6, 2021, I saddled up for All of US. Due to the Fact – All Lives Matter – AMEN. Whether black, red, white or yellow – All Are Precious in CREATOR’S/GOD’S Sight. And those four colors represent The Red Man’s Cross, which are the four principle colors of Mankind.

The Dog Soldiers were of The Plain’s Tribes; three examples Arapaho, Cheyenne and Sioux. Brooke, Dog Soldiers considered it a Great Honor to give their lives in the service of their Tribe, which is how “Love” is defined in The Good Book: There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for their friends and loved ones.

The farther and longer I’ve walked with CREATOR/GOD, beginning on June 7, 1992, I came to realize another of Life’s Simple Truths: The GREAT SPIRIT and The HOLY SPIRIT Are ONE and The SAME. And when it comes to dancing with wolves  practicing a twisted doctrine while masquerading as sheep, there’s nobody on CREATOR’S planet, which we all call Earth, who can out dance me.

Two or three weeks after my youngest was born, on November 14, 1998, I raised Donald over my head and to the best of my ability tried to make a covenant with CREATOR/GOD. I said: I give YOU, my all LORD, I give YOU my life.

Next I asked The MOST HIGH to bring others into Donald’s life and raise him, as I was sure I was a dead man walking. And By HIS Grace and HIS Protection Little Bobby is still alive and now I Roar My Challenge for the Fourth and final time in HIS Name.

Many are familiar with: One man can change the world, JESUS did. Heck, we all know I’m not JESUS, I need help 🙂  and thankfully two CHRIST Centered Fillies/Ladies have come to my aid; Queen Devvy, The Patriet an accredited Journalist, and Princess Diana, the Creator of our ram-lion website.

England’s Princess Diana was married to bilderberg ho, prince ass-wipe Charles. Likewise queen Elizabeth, the chatham house’s patron was married to bilderberg ho, prince master mason Philip. Princess Diana, who we all remember as a Beautiful Fine Lady with a Good Heart walked away from Britain’s twisted royal family and later died because of it. If anything happens to Devvy or Diana in the near future readers now know some of the packs who will be responsible.

Another is the damned pilgrim’s society pack who dine twice a year on America’s and England’s shores. Doubters should ask George bones scum Bush jr., Barack bones’ bitch Obama, Donald ain’t nobody foolin me Trump, Joe dumb as a rock, forgot what he said Biden and Bill two socks, trilateral wolf Clinton.

Folks please ask Michelle and/or Hillary have they given speeches inside London’s chatham house, a pack of carrion eating hyenas. And now come to terms with another Cold Hard Fact: lying money grubbing lawyers and/or alfalfa club dinners like those two bitches, very rarely if ever, tell the truth.

Now accept the Fact: I’m old school and practice equal opportunity. Heck much of this old news as I got right up in race baiting Obama’s mulatto face in 2012 – 2015 while challenging him to come out and fight during my third ride. But being a snot nosed, lying lawyer coward, Barack chickened out.

More about that four year, exhausting long ride is available here

In 2007, I fedexed (fedex is a bones founded company) my third effort to George dung jr. on July 1st to make damn sure he and Dick cfr rat, trilateral wolf pack Cheney knew we could settle things on July 4th.  As those two bastards were responsible for the attempt on my life November 9, 2006, in Mena, Arkansas. Soon I’ll type more about that as most of US have no clue as to how damn stupid, how dumb all these packs of players Truly are. Fact: George and Barack should have co-starred in “Dumb and Dumber”.

More to follow.

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December 11 and 12, 2021

Red Nations on December 5, I received a phone call from a Filly who I refer to as this country’s “Lady in Waiting”. The Multi Talented Filly who I cannot name per our agreement, also provides valuable recommendations towards improving this website to help circulate the Everyone needs to know ammo/info.

The People also have a “Baron” on their side who believe it or not is a one time bilderberg, 1978. The name above the German Baron on the list for 1978 is deceased bastard Zbigniew pilgrims society, former cfr director Brzezinski, one of the trilateral pack’s founders with David maggot Rockefeller sr. The name below the Baron’s is another deceased bastard – crooked as a snake lord Peter former pilgrims pack president, bilderberg steering committee chairman, chatham house hyena  Carrington.

In one way it only gets worse because the damned host for bilderberg 1978 is Donald certified mass murderer, bilderberg Rumsfeld’s alma mater, ivy league princeton, the den of ivy club, cap & gown and more secret fecal filled societies.

The one time bilderberg who can spell integrity is Baron Andreas von Bulow, who spent much of his adult life in and around Germany’s intelligence agencies. Baron von Bulow has published two very Informative Books: In the Name of the State. CIA, BND and the criminal machinations of secret services. (criminal machinations, smoke on that awhile) And His Magnus Opus: The CIA and 11 September, which has sold more than 100,000 copies.

Who else finds it refreshing a former bilderberg can sit down at his desk and type Truths about 9/11 and more state sponsored criminal activities?

Fact: if Joel v.d. Reijden, another bought & sold player, was half as bright as he would have Folks believe he would have typed the last four paragraphs. Instead he howls a jet hit the pentagon which is hardly the case as proved when the skull pack, book & snake, scroll & key, elihu, st. elmo, wolf’s head etc. had Miss April’s Appeal for Justice moved to New Haven, their den site!!! Young fella that’s an open and shut case of: It’s elementary my dear Watson.

Here is a 10 minute fact filled presentation by the first camera at the pentagon, Mr. Bob Pugh. The last 5 minutes are a must see for sceptics.

Sceptics should also consider why alfalfa club diner Robert fbi cover-up director on 9/11 Mueller ordered his fbi to confiscate the film footage from over 40 cameras; cameras covering the supposed flight path of the “jet” before it hit the Pentagon.

How many times were jets shown hitting the Twin Towers? We all know over and over again, so why did the fbi not what Americans to see the film footage confiscated in DC? Reality: whether you like or hate me, please start Thinking Things Through for Yourself.

Joel ain’t nobody foolin me, so you smoke on this page a good long while until you damn near choke on it. I emailed him on December 7, and I very much doubt if Joel possesses the integrity to reply.

Joel’s efforts towards the pilgrims pack are high quality, but his outright lies in relation to 9/11 will mislead many down his twisted, evidently somebody is paying him, yellow brick road.

Since this land’s current lying lawyer attorney general is haahvard grad, Merrick player Garland, a pal and protege of 9/11 commission member Jami trilateral wolf bitch Gorlick, I wonder if former fbi director James player Comey has sharred with Garland one question I asked James 8 years ago in Dec. 2013: When the acting attorney general Eric ivy league Holder pulled his head out of George skull & bones/skull and dung junior’s ass to make room for John elmo society Ashcroft to stick his head up W’s ass – was the band playing Pop goes the weasel?

Where is ivy league lawyer Eric fecal faced, pop goes the weasel, race baiter Holder Today? Back with his currently above the law lawyer pals inside cfr corp. sponsor Covington & Burling.

Garland give US your dept. of corruption lawyer opinion as to how many AMERICANS are aware of these Facts: After Comey left so called public service as dep. att. gen. in 2005 he went to three cfr and/or chatham house corporate sponsors; first Lockheed Martin, next Bridgewater Associates and then to HSBC Holdings, the bank which has laundered more drug money than any other bank in history.

Garland as this land’s head of an organized crime ring, the dept. of corruption, you damn sure grasp why bastards & bitches on govmint Tax Payer Funded pay rolls selectively target and go after Truth Seekers.

Garland   according to the bilderberg owned and bones run Washington Post, you left Chicago and: “arrived in Cambridge with a large scholarship from G.D. Searle, a pharmaceutical company.”

Is that one of the many reasons why your dep. of corruption/no-justice dept. is pushing toxic-death dealing covid vaccines on The Masses? Merrick since you are under oath, are you a member of porcelain club or any other fecal filled haahvard finals club?!

Red Nations since Garland hails from Chicago please note the year and visit the link to read the names of other like minded bastards & bitches calling Chicago home. And please remember allen & co. director George certified 9/11 mass murderer, cfr rat, trilateral wolf shit Tenet has to this point in time enjoyed complete dept. of corruption Merrick cover-up con artist, ivy league lawyer Garland’s protection!!!

“The lore is that news doesn’t really break at Allen and Co’s Sun Valley mogul retreat, but it definitely gets made….

A conversation here can often turn into tomorrow’s front page headline or top Techmeme hit. From Sheryl and Sergey taking a stroll, to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie chilling post bar with Activision’s Bobby Kotick to Peter Thiel and Palantir’s Alex Karp grabbing a coffee between panels at the lodge, one finds themselves in a constant state of wanting to find out about what everyone’s talking about.

Because everyone is here: From Yousef Al Otaiba to Mark Zuckerberg, the guest list is 624 strong, and we have it…” Hmm, more than 600 hundred bastard & bitch attendees.

Some names under the heading Politics:

“Cory Booker Mayor of the City of Newark, Rahm Emanuel Mayor of the City of Chicago, Mike Bloomberg Mayor of the City of New York, Richard Daley Former Mayor of the City of Chicago, Chris Christie Governor of the State of New Jersey, Dick Riordan Former Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, Charles Rivkin U.S. Department of State and Julius Genachowski Federal Communications Commission.” Folks – mayor Rahm piss ant Emanuel who used to be Barack bilderberg, bones’ bitch, race baiter, chicken shit Obama’s conniving chief of staff.

Anyone care to guess how times Richard bonafied player Daley has huddled up inside the Chicago rat pack’s den where Michelle certified bitch Obama was a long time Chicago rat director?

Others attending skull & bones based allen & coompany’s 2012 conclave with Tenet: “Rupert bilderberg Murdoch News Corporation, Tom bilderberg Friedman The New York Times Company, Don bilderberg Graham The Washington Post Company, Jeff Bewkes Time Warner Inc. (Time was founded by Henry skull & bones Luce), Les Moonves CBS Corporation, George bilderberg Stephanopoulos ABC News, Charlie trilateral Rose The Charlie Rose Show, Richard Rosenblatt Demand Media, Erin Burnett CNN, Ron Meyer NBC Universal and Tom cfr rat director Brokaw NBC Universal.”

Ladies and Gentlemen that is how the control The Masses (Trayvon was an innocent child, a victim of racism) game within a game is played, and for those with curious natures – yes Oprah certified player Winfrey was there.

At Folks can visit former cia director Tenet’s pals attending allen & co. in 2015. The opening paragraphs sing way to many Bill and Melinda Gates bilderberg ass to mouth hos praises for me.

Way down the page: “An A-list of media moguls, politicians, and law enforcement and their families are all invited to panels and then to a dinner each night. The expenses are all paid for by Allen & Company, which is an investment bank behind some of the biggest mergers in America. Read below to see some of this year’s attendees.

In uniform and donning a cowboy hat, Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., took the stage this morning at the Allen & Co. conference to endorse law enforcement actions and talk about the U.S. prison system. The panel was moderated by the junior Senator for New Jersey, Cory rhodes scholar, black squawking caucus Booker who “did a helluva job,” according to one executive.

Former CIA director George mass murderer Tenet who is now a managing director at Allen & Co., moderated the second panel about the Middle East and the ongoing problems. “It was actually a very balanced discussion,” said one attendee. “It wasn’t a very uplifting conversation but interesting.” One of the subject matters, of course, was about terrorism and ISIS and how the group is able to win over the youth in that part of the world.

The third panel was a different format altogether. Tom presidential medal for freedom Brokaw interviewed the King of Jordan. It was basically a one-on-one interview about economic development in his country and how they are trying hard to make the country more competitive.”

Those who watched Dr. Martin’s presentation near the end of page 8, I hope they remember the queen of Jordon was shown as one of the leading black-hearted bitch dealers in covid toxic, death dealing vaccines.

Isn’t it Blatantly Obvious both how, and in which direction the narrative is spewed by the bones, bilderberg, cfr, chatham and trilateral controlled international, national and local “news” medias?

Now consider: who funded and equiped isis? For part of the answer look no farther than the bones pack founded cia and every damn cia director including yale’s Porter book & snake, cfr Goss and general shit-head David beaucu time bilderberg Petraeus since 9/11.

Please track down on your own statements book & snake Goss made while covering up 9/11 as a Citizen knifing member of congress heading a bullshit from start to finish ivy league power packed version of an official, fact finding investigation.

more to follow

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