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Part B – November 11, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen the link above is self explanatory: “President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are marking the tenth anniversary of the worst attacks on our country by joining ceremonies at each of the three sites where the planes crashed on September 11, 2001. Their first stop was New York City, where they joined the annual service that includes reading the names of all of the almost 3,000 victims. The President and First Lady joined former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush at the new September 11 Memorial, which features two reflecting pools built over the towers’ footprints where the names of the victims are etched in bronze.

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Part B – November 9, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen today is a Good Day, I found some Good News at of all places – Microsoft News. Which is funny in a perverse way due to The FACT Bill Gates, his wife, Melinda, and other former and current big wigs are money grubbing bilderberg whores/hos just like Barack race baiter, skull & bones boy/toy Obama, cfr rat Bill two socks, bones toy Clinton, Condoleezza cfr, trilateral wolf Rice, Hillary rotten to her core Clinton and long time cfr rat, John bones dung Kerry, who may be a damn trilateral wolf as well. I haven’t tracked that certified bastard’s Trail of Tears – his life in years.

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Part A – October 18, 2021

My first question would be if over 3,500 Architects and Engineers have signed Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s petition, as they know for a Fact the bilderbergs Thomas cfr Kean, Lee cfr, trilateral Hamilton and Philip (crf, trilateral) Zelikow, the 9/11 commission’s crooked damn steering committee – lied in their official findings as to what really happened on September 11, 2001. Which is the largest single day massacre of America’s overwhelmingly Well Meaning Citizens.

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Part A – October 6, 2021

AMERICA my Plan is both Blunt and to The Point with no fluff or fillers. Only accurate information, the ammunition You The People Need to Remove PEACEFULLY, our present day black-hearted secret society filled/riddled govmint.

Part A – October 6, 20212022-08-18T17:04:16+00:00
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